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Please note: This website is under construction. It is used for utilitarian purposes for our Place Names Map and will become a functional Cultural Resource Center website in the near future.

Mission-Purpose --

The library and Archives are under the direction of Preservation & Technology.

The Yavapai-Apache Nation depends upon culture and heritage for continued sovereignty and for maintaining traditional values.  To this end the Yavapai-Apache Nation Cultural Resource Center Research Library preserves and makes available to the public, records, books, reference materials, diaries, documents, oral histories, images, video, and other digital media.

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Research Library & Document Archive --

  • A research library available to YAN Tribal Members and for others involved in serious research.
  • To teach members of the Nation and the public how and where to look for research materials.
  • Makes available research material, both historical and  contemporary, to members of the Nation and to the public.
  • Houses collections of historic documents, contemporary documents, written material, images, and digital media.
  • Its purpose is to provide adults and youth with access to documents, stories, and records of the history of their people.
  • To aid elders in recording the past and helping to prepare the Nation for the future.

Library Booklist

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Access to Digital Media -- (coming soon)

  • Computer Access to archived digital media for Tribal Members
  • Oral Histories and Digital Stories
  • Presentations, Lectures
  • Written Documents
  • Language Learning Materials
  • Access and Dissemination of Historic and Contemporary Images (current)
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Archive of Physical Artwork and Artifacts --

Under the curatorial direction of Preservation & Technology.

  • Cares for and conserves artwork and artifacts in the Nation's collection
  • Provides access (when deemed appropriate) to the collection
  • Maintains a database of all artifacts, artwork, digital media


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Public Access --

The Cultural Resource Center is a public facility. The lobby Area maintains a permanent display of historic and contemporary images and artifacts. The public is welcome to visit and enjoy.

Coming soon will be an interactive touch-screen map showing cultural information about the Yavapai-Apache Nation. It will include information on the current status of the Nation, Place Names in both Apache and Yavapai language, traditional food gathering, Apache Clans and Yavapai Bands, and the history of the Nation.

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Yavapai-Apache Cultural Resource Center

290 Middle Verde Road
Camp Verde, AZ