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Cultural Resource Center --

Visit the Cultural Resource Center to learn more about your culture, learn your language(s) and to participate in our activities.

Place Names Map --

Watch our Place Names Map grow... a new project. Learn more on P&T webpage.

Language Learning Materials --

We have a wide variety of resources for language learning in both Yavapai & Apache. Visit the Center and pick up what you need.

  • Story Books
  • Coloring Books
  • Kids Dictionary
  • Songs
  • Introductions
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Calendars

Language Classes --

We offer Yavapai and Apache language classes at various days and schedules, or one-on-one

We offer Online Learning in Yavapai language, Apache language, and History and Culture (through enrollment only). Contact Culture Center to enroll in online language classes.

Language APP for Language Learning

Contact Judie Piner for download information

History & Culture Information

History Book

History Poster

History Flyer - Times Past
History Flyer - Coming Home
History Flyer - Who We Are Today

YAN Research Library & Archive --

We have a non-circulating Research Library & Archive at the Center. Everyone is welcome to visit and conduct research. We have books on American Indians with an emphasis on Yavapai and Apache, as well as regional volumes. We also have an extensive collection of articles and documents from government entities that contain data on the Nation.

Books in Research Library


Yavapai-Apache Cultural Resource Center

290 Middle Verde Road
Camp Verde, AZ