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Preservation & Technology

Mission-Purpose --

Preservation & Technology is dedicated to collection and archival preservation of images, both historical and contemporary, oral histories, tribal documents, interviews, and digital stories. Preservation and Technology works toward preservation and revitalization of the Native languages, Yavapai and Apache by producing language learning media, created with modern technology, for distribution to members of the Nation.

The language area of Preservation and Technology's mission is to preserve, restore, and archive both Yavapai and Apache language, spiritual aspects, medicinal use of plants, and life skills for future generations of the Yavapai-Apache Nation.

What We Do Here --

Preservation & Technology works to archive daily activities of the Nation, collect and preserve documents, images, and digital media, and to work on special projects for the benefit of the Nation.

Calendars --

Each department maintains of monthly calendar of activities. As these calendars change almost daily, visit the Center for the most recent version.

April Calendar for Preservation & Technology

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Place Names Map --

The current project for the Cultural Resource Center is an interactive Placenames Map. The project will be a public resource, located in the lobby, which display cultural information for the Yavapai-Apache People.

The map will display a variety of images, maps, and informative content, along with Yavapai and Apache language when appropriate and available.

  • Welcome: Who We Are Today
  • Place Names Past & Present: Places located on map with informative data, images, and names in Yavapai & Apache
  • Traditional Food Gathering Areas: Areas marked on map with information and images about the foods.
  • Springs & Waterways: Locations of water features both past and present with Yavapai & Apache names.
  • Yavapai Bands: Yavapai names and traditional locations of Yavapai bands.
  • Apache Clans: Apache names and traditional locations of Apache Clans.
  • History: A brief history of the Yavapai-Apache People.
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The department is available to assist with production in the following areas:

  • Oral Histories
  • Digital Stories
  • Special Events, Archival Events, Lectures & Speeches
  • Animation & Special Motion Effects
  • Videography and Multimedia Projects
  • Graphics
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Lifeways & Life Skills --

The Culture Center conducts many special educational opportunities... many of which are documented by Preservation & Technology

  • Food and Plant Gathering Excursions
  • Training for Youth
  • Studies on Herbs and Traditional Medicines
  • Education Activities Such as Fire Starting and Materials Gathering
  • Crafts and Traditional Knowledge
  • Educational Media in the Form of DVD Videos, Interactive Multimedia Productions of Nation History
  • Traditional Pottery Making and Firing
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Focus on Healthy & Delicious Foods--

The Culture Center focuses on gathering, processing, and preparing healthy indigenous foods. Foods can be used not only in traditional ways, but replacing modern foods in a healthier fashion.

In summer through fall we gather many wild plants, beginning with wild sumac (red berries), mesquite, acorn, seeds, and pinon. We frequently offer cooking classes for corn cakes, prickly pear products, breads, and more.

During the winter months we will have a "Food Expo and Milling Event" featuring our Hammermill grinding our gathered mesquite. We also serve samples of mesquite recipes, a healthy lunch, and various other treats.

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Preservation and Technology works with the Culture Directors to preserve the languages of both the Yavapai and Apache people. We teach through the use of modern language tools that present traditional stories, songs, history, place names, medicinal and edible plants, and clan and band genealogy.

  • Language Learning CDs and DVDs
  • Studies and Dictionary Development
  • Language Learning Multimedia Tools
  • Oral Histories and Life Histories
  • Interactive Place Names Map (coming soon)
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Preservation --

  • Preservation of Historic Images
  • Collection of Contemporary Images of Important Events of the Nation
  • Dissemination of Family and Historic Images to Members of the Nation
  • Archival Preservation of All Digital Media: DVDs, CDs. Images, Documents
  • Curatorial care of artwork ad artifacts
  • Development of Databases to Categorize and Increase Availability of Archival Materials.
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Graphics Materials --

  • Informative Graphics About the Nation
  • Prints of Historic and Contemporary Photographs
  • Coloring Books and Language Learning Tools
  • Calendars in Yavapai and Apache
  • Informative Flyers & Banners Describing the History and Economic Benefits of the Casino
  • Posters and Decorative Flyers
  • Wallpaper at the Marketplace
  • Screen Prints for Events & Activities
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Office of Preservation and Technology

Judie Piner
2400 West Datsi Street (mail)
Camp Verde, AZ 86322