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Yavapai Language


Culture, Arts, and Language --

Yavapai Culture's goal is to engage the community by providing positive learning experiences for elders, youth, and families. The department focuses on the "CAL Experience: Culture, Arts, and Language."

Our Yavapai language is dissappearing at an alarming rate and Yavapai Culture is working to preserve, revive, and to teach the language.

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Language Instruction --

We provide man ways to learn the Yavapai Language

  • Adult evening Classes with Frieda Eswonia
  • Class sessions with school children from elementary, middle school and high school
  • One-on-One sessions with Reba Franco by appointment
  • Special events and activities involving language

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Language Immersion --

Language Immersion is proving to be one of the best methods of teaching the language. In true immersion the learner hears no English, performs no translations, and picks up the language through context.

Our language goal is to train new teachers in the Yavapai language.  This will be accomplished through Immersion Language Technology whereby a new learner practices a lesson with an elder, then teaches it to children. As the new teacher's collections of lessons grows, so will here vocabulary and speaking ability.

If you are interested in learning your language and becoming an immersion teacher contact Gertrude Smith at YavapaiCulture@yan-tribe.org or Reba Franco at rfranco@yan-tribe.org.


Language Learning Tools --

We provide many kinds of language learning tools

  • Coloring books and story books
  • CDs and DVDs of words, sentences, and language to accompany the books
  • CDs of introductions, songs
  • A Kid's Dictionary
  • Teach Your Language at Home -- a how-to guide for parent's home use. Learn along with your child
  • A Language Immersion workbook for prospective teachers
  • Online language classes
  • Language based Place Names map
  • Interactive dictionary in the form of an online APP
  • Language Learning APP & Game (coming soon)
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Language Preservation --

In the interest of language preservation Yavapai Culture works with Preservation & Technology to preserve and archive the language in many different forms

  • Recording elders speaking in their languages
  • Collecting archival works of language speakers from long ago
  • Maintaining and building a database of Yavapai words
  • Creating written materials for curriculum, lessons & workshops
  • Developing a function/user friendly Yavapai language dictionary
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Language Revitalization --

In the near future Yavapai Culture will be working with a linguist from NAU to put together the language from 4 dictionaries and other sources into a comprehensive useful distionary. Part of this effort will be defining a clear recognizable alphbet for the Yavapai language.

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Ethnobotany --

Language is a factor in ethnobotany as well... all the plants we used in past times had names, words for their uses, and places where they grew.

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Language in Use --

We all need to strive to use our language whenever we can. One way Yavapai Culture uses language is to incorporate it into our classes and workshops. For each cooking class, crafts class, and traditional food gathering trips language will be incorporated into the session.

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Yavapai Culture --

Gertrude Smith
Director of Yavapai Culture

Reba Franco
Cultural Specialist