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Yavapai Culture Classes & Workshops

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Engaging Community --

Yavapai Culture's goal is to engage the community by providing positive learning experiences focusing on the "CAL Experience: Culture, Arts, and Language."

To that end, a variety of workshops, classes, and language learning activities take place at the Culture Center.

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Traditional Cultural Crafts --

The Culture Center has always focused on providing interesting workshops for the community. Planning for workshops seeks to provide positive energy through bring back custom that are dissappearing through disuse, bring back dances and songs, and bringing the old stories back into use. These are some of the workshops we offer...

  • Basketmaking: both coiled and twined
  • Sewing Classes
  • Mocassin Making
  • Traditional Foods Cooking Classes
  • Harvesting, Processing, and Preparatin of Traditional Foods
  • Pottery Workshops
  • Medicinal Plants Gathering and Processing
  • Gathering Sage for Sage Bundles
  • Roasting corn
  • Cultural Field Trips
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Not So Traditional Crafts --

And we may offer some not-so-traditional workshops...

  • Mother-Daughter Crafts Classes
  • Father-Son Crafts Classes
  • Non-Traditional Cooking Classes
  • Tie-Dye Workshop
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And Just Educational --

Yavapai Culture also engages in teaching history and culture. There are opportunities for field trips to visit places of historical and cultural significance.


Yavapai-Apache Cultural Preservation Center
Yavapai Culture --

Gertrude Smith
Director of Yavapai Culture

Reba Franco
Cultural Specialist