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Yavapai-Apache Nation Cultural Resource Center

Please note: Parts of this website are still under construction. It is used for utilitarian purposes for our Place Names Map and will become a functional Cultural Resource Center website in the near future.

Mission-Purpose --

The Cultural Resource Center is dedicated to providing cultural enrichment to the members of both the Dilze'e and the Yavape, and to preserving their identities, languages, traditions, and histories. The Center offers many language learning, classes, events, social dances, and youth education opportunities.

What We Do Here --

The Center is a resource for the Nation's community, for outside researchers, and for visitors. We are open to the public and provide exhibits to enhance awareness and understanding of the Yavapai-Apache people.

Please stop by and visit..

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The Departments --

The Culture Center is comprised of four departments, each with its own department head and focus in their educational and preservation area:

Apache Culture
Yavapai Culture
Preservation & Technology

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Lifeways & Life Skills --

  • Food and Plant Gathering Excursions
  • Training for Youth
  • Studies on Herbs and Traditional Medicines
  • Education Activities Such as Fire Starting and Materials Gathering
  • Crafts and Traditional Knowledge
  • Educational Media in the Form of DVD Videos, Interactive Multimedia Productions of Nation History
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Language Preservation & Revitalization --

The YAN Cultural Resource Center works to preserve the languages of both the Yavapai and Apache people. We teach through the use of modern language tools that present traditional stories, songs, history, place names, medicinal and edible plants, and clan and band genealogy.

  • Language & Culture Lessons for Youth and Adults
  • Language Learning CDs and DVDs
  • Story Books, Coloring Books, Plant Life, Dictionaries
  • Studies and Dictionary Development
  • Language Learning Multimedia Tools
  • Oral Histories and Life Histories
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Preservation, Documenting, Archiving --

  • Preservation and Dissemination of Historic Images
  • Collection of Contemporary Images and/or Video of Important Events of the Nation
  • Archival Preservation of All Digital Media: DVDs, CDs. Images, Documents
  • Development of Databases to Categorize and Increase Availability of Archival Materials.
  • Oral Histories and Digital Storytelling
  • Videography & Multimedia Projects


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Consultation --

  • Collaboration with other Yavapai and Apache Tribes
  • Work with Federal and State Agencies
  • Personal Consultation with Tribal Community
  • Consultation on Cultural Matters
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Yavapai-Apache Nation Cultural Preservation Center

290 Middle Verde Road
Camp Verde, AZ